Dr. Barbara J. Love


Consultant, Coach, Author, Lecturer, Climate Change Activist, Personal & Organizational Transformation Specialist:


Dr. Barbara J Love works from a unique set of assumptions about the nature of humans and the process of personal, organizational, and social change which participants find empowering, enabling, and effectively motivating. She has worked with a broad range of organizations throughout the U.S., Europe the Caribbean and Africa. Her research focuses on personal, organizational and societal transformation and strategies for liberation. She has authored and coauthored a variety of publications including "Developing a Liberatory Consciousness", “Understanding Racism And Internalized racism”, and chapters in Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice including “Knowing Ourselves as Instructors”, “Racism”, and “Ageism and Adultism”.

Current focus:

  • Developing Liberatory Consciousness

  • Black Liberation and Community Development

  • Peer Counseling for Trauma Recovery and Healing

  • Racism and Climate Activism

Key Projects:

Trauma Recovery Project

  • Ihumure, Rwanda  In ---- Rwanda, 


  • Better World Cameroon  


Dr. Barbara J. Love is a Professor Emeritus, Social Justice Education, College of Education, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Massachusetts.

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"Social Justice Education Faculty  Development Framework for a Post Grutter Era"   in 
Social Justice Education Faculty  Development Framework for a Post Grutter
"Racism and White Privilege Curriculum Design" & "Ageism and Adultism Curriculum Design"  in
Racism and White Privilege Curriculum Design
"Developing a Liberatory Consciousness" in
Developing a Liberatory Consciousness