The Peer Counseling Project 

The Peer Counseling Project is rooted in the basic theory and methodology of ReEvaluation Counseling.  The Peer Counseling Project (PCP)  seeks to make counseling assistance more broadly available to a wider population. PCP trains individuals and groups in the theory and methods of Peer Counseling, and trains peer counselors to lead Peer Counseling Circles.

 The following workshops will be offered:

Quiet Desk

Q & A:  Deeper Dive into Peer Counseling for Healing Oppression Based Trauma  

Date: TBD


Workshop I:  Basic Theory and Skills of Peer Counseling 

Date: TBD

Networking Event

Workshop II:  Healing Oppression Based Trauma for Mental Health Professionals

Date: TBD

Notebook and Pen

Workshop II:  Healing Oppression Based Trauma 

Date: TBD

Meeting Room

Supervision of Peer Counseling Circles for Mental

Date: TBD

Support Group

Supervision of Peer Counseling Circles 

Date: TBD

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  • To foster the creation of liberatory consciousness for personal, organizational and societal transformation.

  • To facilitate systems of peer based healing from the trauma of oppression including racism and internalized racism, colonialism and internalized colonialism, genocide, war, and other identity based trauma.

  • To present contexts that enables the identification, examination and transformation of individual and structural impediments to social justice and equity in organizational functioning. 

  • To provide frameworks and contexts for identifying and examining the intersections between social identity and power, and facilitate the examination of decision making and micro and macro aggression within organizations to increase organizational capacity.