A Liberatory Perspective on

 Liberation & Healing

Peer Counseling Project: Barbara Love has worked with community based groups globally providing training for community members to facilitate peer counseling circles  on healing from genocide, internalized genocide, war, dislocation, racism, internalized racism, and trauma from social-identity based oppression. 

The Peer Counseling Project 

The Peer Counseling Project is rooted in the basic theory and methodology of ReEvaluation Counseling.  The Peer Counseling Project (PCP)  seeks to make counseling assistance more broadly available to a wider population. PCP trains individuals and groups in the theory and methods of Peer Counseling, and trains peer counselors to lead Peer Counseling Circles.

 The following workshops will be offered:

Q & A:  Deeper Dive into Peer Counseling for Healing Oppression Based Trauma  

Dates TBD

 Workshop I:  Basic Theory and Skills of Peer Counseling   

Date July 30, 2020 6-9 PM 

Workshop II:  Applied Basic Theory and Skills of Peer Counseling for Healing Oppression Based Trauma

Date: September 17-Oct 29, 2020   6-9PM EST

Workshop III:  Supervision of Peer Counseling Circles

Dates November 5-December 10 2020   6-9 PM EST


Dates TBD