Dr. Love has done keynote presentations, lectures, workshops, training's and facilitation's for colleges, universities, for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, governmental organizations, conferences and businesses.

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Topics include: 

  • Race and Climate Change

  • Expressing Climate Grief

  • Multicultural Organizational Development/Leadership

  • Workforce Trainings on Diversity & Inclusion

  • Community Building

  • Self awareness  & tools for sustainability for social justice facilitators

  • Critical Liberation Theory 


Community Development:

Supporting collective action among African Heritage People to take charge of their individual and collective lives, and collaborate to reclaim indigenous knowledge systems, support the healing of the earth, and create institutions and models to support and sustain spiritual, economic, emotional and physical health, empowerment and well being.

Trauma Healing  

Peer Counseling models facilitating healing from the trauma of racism and internalized racism, colonialism and internalized colonialism, genocide and internalized genocide, and war.

Leadership Development:

Healing despair, hopelessness and powerlessness and releasing individual initiative to empower self and community to take transformative action in the world.

Black Liberation And Community Development:

Supporting African Heritage People and communities to heal from the trauma and ongoing damage inflicted by racism, colonialism, genocide, and  war, and to develop the habits of mind and behavior that will enact liberation and create a world characterized by fairness, equity and justice.

Who uses our services?:

Dr. Love has provided services to many organizations and Universities around the world including:


  • Adler School of Psychology

  • Arizona State University

  • Hampshire College

  • Miami University

  • National Black Women’s Health Imperative

  • Roger Williams University

  • Skidmore College

  • Susquehanna University

  • University of Santiago-Chile

  • U.S Department of the Interior

  • Theater Without Borders

  • Tisch Scholars Program-Tufts University

  • And many more....

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  • To foster the creation of liberatory consciousness for personal, organizational and societal transformation.

  • To facilitate systems of peer based healing from the trauma of oppression including racism and internalized racism, colonialism and internalized colonialism, genocide, war, and other identity based trauma.

  • To present contexts that enables the identification, examination and transformation of individual and structural impediments to social justice and equity in organizational functioning. 

  • To provide frameworks and contexts for identifying and examining the intersections between social identity and power, and facilitate the examination of decision making and micro and macro aggression within organizations to increase organizational capacity.