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Executive Coaching


Keynote Addresses

Strategic Planning


Curated and facilitated for specific client groups

Services provided by Dr. Love help to create the conditions that foster personal, organizational and societal transformation and pathways for liberation. 

Areas of Focus


Liberatory Consciousness

  • Black Liberation & Community Development

  • Leadership Development

  • Strategic Planning

  • JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion)

The development of a mindset that enables humans to live their lives, wherever they find themselves, in existing systems, institutions and relationships, with awareness and intentionality, rather than on the basis of the socialization to which they have been subjected. Elements include Vision, Awareness, Analysis, Accountability, Action and Ally-ship.

Healing Racial Trauma

• Oppression Based Trauma Recovery and Healing

Every human deserves the opportunity to reach for and live in the context of their full humaneness. This requires supporting people and communities to heal from the trauma and ongoing damage inflicted by racism, white supremacy, and internalized racism and internalized white supremacy.


Climate Change

  • Racism and Climate Activism

  • Healing and Climate Grief

  • Healing Climate Trauma

Counteracting the disruptive impact of racism on efforts to address the climate crisis and the dampening effect of climate grief.  Racism interferes with the development of the broad coalitions of people needed to effectively address the climate crisis. Unreleased grief resulting from the existential threat posed by the climate crisis interferes with the effectiveness of our climate change work. 

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Dr. Love has presented keynote addresses, lectures, workshops, and facilitated trainings for businesses, colleges, universities, for-profit organizations, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, a variety of conferences all over the world.

• Coaching

• Keynote addresses

• Workshops and seminars

• Webinars on selected topics

• Strategic planning


What Our Clients Say

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Cathleen Kelly

Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress

Dr. Barbara Love's skillful facilitation supported transformational dialogue and the co-creation of the first ever national climate platform centered on advancing racial, economic, environmental and climate justice and jointly backed by environmental justice and national environmental groups. 

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