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How to envision a world to benefit everyone.

Love For Liberation



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Understanding & Healing


Mustard Flowers

Vanessa Cooksey

President & CEO

Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis

" The Regional Arts Commission of St. Louis is the largest public funder of the arts in the region. Both in word and deed, we are committed to championing policies and practices that promote diversity, racial equity, accessibility, and inclusion in the arts and culture sector. To ensure our board of Commissioners and staff members are aligned in our efforts, we engaged Dr. Barbara Love for a company-wide DEI training. Dr. Love listened carefully to our needs and developed a custom curriculum that not only supported each participant’s learning journey, but also gave us common language and understanding about the role the arts must play in achieving a liberated consciousness and culture in St. Louis. We look forward to building a long-term partnership with Dr. Love as her counsel, guidance and teaching motivates us to push beyond our individual and collective comfort zone and catalyze racial healing in St. Louis through the arts."

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